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Welcome to Kubuntu-de.org

With great pleasure, we would like to welcome you on your visit to kubuntu-de.org, the German speaking Kubuntu community

We hope you enjoy our selection of articles and news, which we have translated from our German web portal.

We also hope to surprise you in the future with additional projects. If you have questions, or wish to help us with ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail.

For all of the German speaking Kubuntu community, a very cordial welcome!


Interview with Kubuntu developer Jonathan Thomas

Once again kubuntu-de.org interviewed a developer. This time we talked with Jonathan (JontheEchidna) Thomas. The Kubuntu developer and Ninja reported about the development cycle of Kubuntu "Jaunty Jackalope", which has been released today. Further he gave a little insight on "Karmic Koala", the future release of Kubuntu, which is announced for this year's october.

kubuntu-de.org: Hi Jonathan, you are quite new in the team of kubuntu-devs. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Jonathan: Hi, I am a 17 year-old student living in New Hampshire, which is a state in the northeastern part of the United States of America. (Quite close to Canada) As a student, I am busy a lot of the time with school. But, in my spare time, I like to contribute to various open-source projects such as Kubuntu (foremost) and KDE. (I am currently developing a Plasma wallpaper plugin that sets a wallpaper based on the weather at your specified location) I started contributing to Kubuntu right after Hardy was released, and have been steadily contributing to Kubuntu from the Intrepid release cycle to the present.


Limber up the wiki for Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex and KDE 4!

The countdown to the release of Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex and the automatic change-over to KDE 4 is heating up! What should the user expect? What will be different? What has changed? What is to consider? How can I make the transition? Shall I wait?

To answer these questions we call for participation and we will reward it! Lots of users around kubuntu-de.org got their experience with KDE 4 on Hardy and some may have tested pre-versions of Intrepid Ibex, too. We call on those and every one interested: write an (or more than one if you like) article in the wiki to one of many proposed topics and get the chance to win a T-Shirt, a mug or a mouse pad from KDE. For each finished article, a piece of news on the portal will be published.


Kubuntu-de.org at FrOSCon 2008

On this year's August 23rd and 24th the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University for Applied Sciences hosted "FrOSCon" for the third time in a row, a convention about all topics related to free software. Once again Kubuntu-de.org was there this year to represent the German Kubuntu community as well as Kubuntu itself. The first batch of our team already arrived on Friday, prior to the opening, to set everything up and make preparations. Dinner with the folks from KDE and Amarok at the Asian restaurant adjacent to the hotel and the subsequent informal meeting in the hotel's bar helped us get in the mood for the convention weekend.


Early the next day the event itself began and just like the year before Kubuntu was thematically placed in between Amarok and KDE. Both projects presented brand new software, like an up to date development snapshot of KDE4 or the just released first beta version of the popular music player Amarok 2.


Interview: Sebastian Kügler about KDE 4.1

Sebastian Kügler interviewed by kubuntu-de.org and Radio Tux

(c) by Sebastian Kügler

The date for the release of KDE 4.1, the 29th of July 2008, is approaching fast. Therefore we want to dare a look at the new version of this desktop environment. So we used our chance on the LinuxTag 2008 and asked Sebastian Kügler (a.k.a. sebas) for an interview to get answers to some questions regarding KDE development, the current state and his work in the project.

Sebastian is a member of the board of management of the KDE organisation and a member of the release team. He studies at the Radbound University of Nijmegen. As a member of the marketing working group he is responsible for strategic decisions regarding the project.

The interview was produced together with Radio Tux. They did the first part. Radio Tux broadcast live at the LinuxTag in Berlin. From the 28th to the 31st of May they broadcast interviews, background information and free music.


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