Reflections of the LinuxTag 2007

The LinuxTag took place in Berlin this year. It is the leading conference and exhibition for Free Software, Linux, and Open Source. This years premiere was organised in partnership with the "Messe Berlin" (Berlin's exhibition organisation).

In building 12, our members from the German speaking Kubuntu community shared a booth together with the Ubuntu and Edubuntu communities as well as the Linux4Afrika project. We presented to the visitors probably the best KDE based linux distribution. The audience was very diverse. Some people had never even seen Linux before. On the other hand, we met very advanced users that were particularly interested in the in development and details of Kubuntu. This meant that the booth was very well visited. The interest in Kubuntu was so high that not only our, but also Canonical's Feisty CDs had been distributed by Friday afternoon. After that, we had no choice, but to distribute Edgy CDs with a printed notice helping the recipients to find the website for the upgrade to Feisty. Nevertheless, they were taken with pleasure by the visitors.

Not only 80 more projects presented themselves at the LinuxTag, but also some corporations like Trolltech. The Amorak project demonstrated the alpha version of Amorak 2.0. KDE gave a first glimpse on KDE4. Trolltech showed QT4.3 and the Greenphone which was given away in a lottery. During the whole period of the exhibition visitors had the opportunity to participate in a multitude of workshops and presentations,


Sebastian Kuegler (sebas) gave an impressive presentation about KDE 4. He explained, how it will be possible to run QT3 based software on the KDE4 desktop. He also showed that it will be possible to spell check multiple languages simultaneously. One of our team members, Harald Sitter (apachelogger), who is also a member of the Amorak project, gave a workshop about Amorak scripting and DCOP. Sven Krohlas presented the new Amorak 2.0. Especially high praises among the multitude of workshops and presentations was given to a report about the LiMux project, which is the Linux migration for Munich's City Council and Administration.

The last day of the exhibition had the slogan "Ubuntu Love Day". Sebastian Kuegler and Paul Sladen demonstrated the installation of (K)Ubuntu. Community manager Jono Bacon presented Ubuntu and our community. Malcolm Yates and Thorsten Spindler were among others who gave presentations.

With all the technical information, socialising was not forgotten. Part of our team met, partly the first time in person, already on the day before the opening of the LinuxTag. On May 30th, we roamed together with the Amorak team and the Combots team around the Prenzlauerberg. The following day was a great social event in the old substation in Berlin's district of Kreuzberg. Trolltech treated us as well as other projects (KDE, Debian, Fedora, and others) for a dinner. And finally on the last day, Ubuntu-Berlin organised an Ubuntu barbecue in the venue called "Kulturfabrik". It was an amazing conclusion to a the overall impressive conference.

In conclusion, the LinuxTag 2007 was an absolute success. The interest into Kubuntu was amazingly high. As it is confirmed on the official website of the LinuxTag, 9600 visitors came. According to a survey, 94% of them were satisfied with what was presented to them. LinuxTag and "Messe Berlin" have agreed to form a long term contract. Therefore, this event will occur again in Germany's capital in 2008, as 90% of the people surveyed indicated that they would return for this event.

A huge thank you to the LinuxTag, the "Messe Berlin" and all who have us supported in such tremendous fashion. More photographs from the LinuxTag can be found at,