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Reflections of the LinuxTag 2008

Note: Das Original in deutsch ist hier zu finden (The german original can be found here )

LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin is over. 11,600 people from 31 countries attended it - more than the year before. The concurrent International Aeronautic Exhibition (Internationale Luftfahrtausstellung, ILA) was a strong competitor, as was the weather. At 30°C many people opted for the lakes rather than the air-conditioned halls.

Funkturm Berlin Kubuntu Stand Kubuntu Stand

The following chronological account shows the Linuxtag from the perspective of Kubuntu. We can only mention a small selection of the exhibitors, lectures and workshops. But we will tell you about the evenings after the exposition closed, which we spent mostly with Amarok and KDE.


Reflections of the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2008

Note: Das Original in deutsch ist hier zu finden (The german original can be found here.)

In the tradition of 10 years, the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage were held on the first March weekend. The Chemnitzer Linux-Tage is an event for everybody all around Linux and Open Source. In the same way as last year, Kubuntu was represented by Kubuntu-de.org. This meant that the visitors were able to see Kubuntu first hand.


More than 2400 visitors, 750 online-listeners, 87 presentations, 58 exhibitors, 13 workshops and many, many volunteers participated. A unique program was offered to all of them.


Interview: Tobias König about the development of Akonadi

Tobias König auf den Chemnitzer-Linux-Tagen 2008 mit Konqui auf der Schulter

kubuntu-de.org in conversation with Tobias König

Translations are available in: Italian (thanks to kde-it.org) and Polish (thanks to kde.org.pl) The german original can be found here.

Tobias König is a Computer Science student and one of the core developers of Akonadi, one of the innovative technologies that will be implemented in KDE4. Akonadi will be a platform independent innovative storage solution for personal data. In this interview, Tobias König shares his impressions about the integration into the KDE desktop environment and Akonadi's development and features.

kubuntu-de.org: You are deeply integrated into the development of KDE. What kinds of things do you spend time on when you do not work on that?

Tobias König: I study Computer Science at the HTW Dresden while I am not busy with developing KDE. I also work as a freelancer for credativ GmbH.


Interview: Harald Sitter about Amarok and KDE 4

Harald Sitter auf dem LinuxTag 2007Apachelogger interviewed by kubuntu-de.org

Note: Das Original in deutsch ist hier zu finden ( The german original could be found here.)

Harald Sitter, also known as apachelogger, was promoted to Kubuntu MOTU not too long ago. He also works as a volunteer project manager for the Amarok project. We spoke with him about Amarok 2 and what can be expected from KDE 4 in Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.

kubuntu-de.org: Can you briefly describe who you are and in which areas of Kubuntu you are participate?
Harald: My name is Harald Sitter. I am a 19 years old Austrian citizen. I am one of the Kubuntu MOTUs who are responsible for the maintenance of the biggest packets archive for Ubuntu.

kubuntu-de.org: What is the meaning of MOTU? For which projects are you active?
Harald: MOTU is an abbreviation for Master Of The Universe (these are the VIPs ;-). Additionally, I am the project manager of Amarok and also work on KDE.


KDE 4.0 released - Packages for Kubuntu available


A Vision Becomes Reality

Today, the KDE developers have as planned the first stable version of KDE 4.0 released. This release marks the start of the KDE 4 era. The desktop environment was given groundbreaking changes and improvements. More about this will be mentioned later in this article. The Kubuntu developers have made available packages for the releases 7.04 Gutsy Gibbons and 8.04 Hardy Heron.

After years of intensive development and with several month delay, the dream of the KDE community has become reality: KDE 4.0 has finally been released. The demands put on the entirely redesigned desktop are very high: All in all a revolution in the desktop area has been aimed for. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to expect too much from the newly released Version 4.0 due to the fact that several exciting features for the desktop environment have not been fully implemented yet. Therefore, it must be stressed that KDE 4.0 is not KDE 4 as the developer Stephan Binner aka beineri writes in his blog, but it is rather the beginning of a yearlong continuing set of release cycle interations.

Bild:KDE4-Plasma.png Bild:KDE4-Plasma2.pngBild:KDE4-Konqueror.png

Note: Das Original in deutsch ist hier zu finden ( The german original could be found here.)


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